Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Drone Technology Not Just for Deliveries ... Real Estate Applications Are Here Now!

Amazon, UPS, Domino’s Pizza and Google are all looking into its validity. Now, so are we at Seaport Realtors! We’re taking the latest drone technology and using it to … help you sell your home!

The headlines were abuzz in June when Domino’s Pizza’s independent U.K. franchisor released a YouTube video of a drone delivering pizzas. The one-minute video featuring the “DomiCopter” flying over fields, trees and homes was viewed more than a million times in the first week.

Recently, Amazon announced its “Prime Air” delivery to “get packages into customers' hands in 30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles.” Check out the footage from a recent test flight. And just last week, DHL released its own video footage of drone delivery in action.

In all cases, the technology of putting drones into commercial use for delivery is years away as companies advance the technology and wait for the necessary FAA rules and regulations.

Drone Photography in Action at 405 Olivia Street in Key West
What’s NOT science fiction, though, is the capacity to use drones to take stunning pictures from above ground, with significantly lower costs than hiring a pilot and taking a plane or helicopter. Today, aerial photography and videography are becoming more accessible to enthusiasts and hard core hobbyists through the use of drones and GoPro cameras. You can even buy your own aerial drone quadcopter online for under $500 (but not the expertise to use it!).

Right here in Key West, we hired Grant Roland of Keys Aerial Productions and his drone to shoot the property for sale at 405 Olivia Street. Stay tuned for footage coming up in our next blog.
Grant Roland shows off his drone that will shoot the property at 405 Olivia Street in Key West

The latest DRONE technology for aerial photography is just one of the marketing tools we have to assist you in getting your home sold more quickly, putting more money in your pocket! List your home with Seaport Realtors today. Contact me, Steve Schwartz, at 305-304-1708 or nexxthome@yahoo.com.

(For more information and photos of 405 Olivia Street, see the MLS listing.)

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